Delivery Policy

We immensely proud of the customer care we provide and the resultant satisfaction of our patrons. This is partly thanks to our ability to cater to individual needs and to prepare accordingly; especially so regarding the delivery of your merchandise. In as far advance of a delivery as possible, please alert us if any of the following conditions are met:

  • roads impossible to maneuver in large delivery vehicle
  • access to your location is restricted (locked gates, construction, apartment buildings, etc.)
  • narrow corridors, unusually tight turns or narrow doorways, spiral staircases, inability to access your residence from ground floor
    • relevant for large items such as sofas, box springs, chests, etc.

Prior to delivery, please ensure our crew will be able to safely and smoothly place merchandise by removing floor hazards and relevant hanging wall articles.  If support is needed for moving or determining obstructions, inform our crew upon arrival so they may assist.

Removal of Old/Unwanted Furniture

We charge a recycling fee for the removal of old/unwanted furniture. If you would like to take advantage of this service, notify your salesperson at time of sale, or another member of our staff prior to delivery.